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A thriving economy supporting all Oaklanders

Oaklanders, like all California residents, deserve a thriving local economy that meets their daily cultural, economic, and social needs.

District 3, which encompasses Oakland’s most productive economic hubs – Downtown, the Port, and the Lake – is central for getting Oakland’s small and large businesses back on their feet. Revitalizing Oakland’s economy starts with supporting our broad and diverse small businesses and removing barriers to filling our vacant storefronts with more local businesses. To support our district we must also harness Oakland’s creative soul, embodied by our artists and activists, in our pursuit to develop the vibrant, productive economic core that our city needs. Small businesses are the heart of Oakland’s economy – they account for 70% of all businesses in the city.

To help the fabric of Oakland’s economy grow and thrive, I want to support existing enterprises and reduce barriers to opening new businesses that meet the broad needs, interests, and passions of District 3 residents.

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Here’s what we need to do:

  • Reduce barriers for small merchants/businesses in Oakland to open in Oakland neighborhoods and Downtown to improve community vibrancy
  • Improve technical support programs for Oakland merchants, makers and artists
  • Attract major industries with multiple levels of jobs (e.g. bio tech, manufacturing)
  • Streamline permitting for community programming (e.g. markets, festivals and parades) to improve neighborhood and commercial district vibrancy
  • Increase public safety in business districts
  • Launch Vacant to Vibrant program in Downtown Oakland and in affordable housing properties throughout the city to activate underused properties
  • Attract major investment to Downtown Oakland to support the city’s general fund and social equity programs
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What does this look like?

District 3 presents vast opportunities for both established and new businesses.

I intend to take advantage of our downtown area by launching a Vacant to Vibrant program that will not only help transform our downtown to a bustling, economic hub, but attract major industry and investment opportunities in areas with high rates of vacancy.

To fill empty storefronts, we can connect artists, merchants, and makers with the technical support and resources they need to put down roots. We can help fill commercial areas with public space programming like concerts and street fairs to boost business and community.

A significant part of my economic development plan is to provide key technical support programs to artists, merchants, and makers. With so many empty storefronts, we must tap into Oakland’s creative community.

Economic development extends beyond big corporations; it’s about uplifting creative individuals and fostering pathways for growth. I also recognize that public safety is essential for building better business around our economic core. With merchants and big businesses feeling the stress of safety concerns for employees and customers, it is critical that city leaders combine public safety strategies with ongoing economic development programs.

I know how it feels when you find a place to belong. It is the exact feeling I had when I first moved to Oakland, sitting in a bar where everywhere I looked I found people that looked like me and accepted me. That feeling of being part of a community that knows and supports you is the energy I hope to capture in my initiatives: bringing people together to shop at their favorite store, relaxing at your local coffee shop, or enjoying Oakland’s variety of art on a day out. Drawing on my experience spearheading pandemic-era business support and community welfare initiatives, I am committed to fostering economic resilience and prosperity in Oakland.

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